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At Hopewell Baptist Church we value the way in which photography and videography can help us flourish as a faith community. Photography and videography helps us be more inclusive, highlighting the work of those who serve in less visible roles. They also allow us to better reach out to our community, communicating our mission as a church via our website and social media. Finally, and most importantly, they provide important ways for us to bear testimony, both now and to future generations, to the work God is doing in our life together as a body of believers The following policies are designed to help us foster and encourage the gifts of photography and videography that are outlined above. It is important to us that photography and videography are used in ways that bring us together, communicate our mission, and highlight God’s work amongst us.

Photo and Video Policy

A)  At the beginning of the church ministry year the administrative assistant will request a photo/video release form from each church attendees/members with minors in their households. The church office will then collect and keep track of who has signed a release form.

B)  Procedure for photographers/videographers:

1. If you have been requested to take pictures or video at a church event, please notify the office ( at least one week in advance of the event. The administrative assistant will then inform the ministry leadership involved that you will be present at their next meeting.

2. If you are shooting an event with minors, the administrative assistant will provide you with a list of children who have signed release forms on file. If a minor is clearly identifiable in a shot but does not have a signed a release form, the shot cannot be used until a release form is obtained. If it is a group shot and minors are not clearly identifiable, a release is not needed.

3. When taking photos or video, please make sure you do not present an interruption to the worship experience (applicable when shooting, for example, during a worship service, Children’s Worship, etc.). You may shoot from the back of the sanctuary, without a flash, etc., but please make sure your actions are not disruptive.

4. You should abide by any requests to not take photographs of particular individuals, whether that request is made in advance from the church office or if it is made at the time of the event.

C)  Our policy for using pictures or video:

1. Unless permission has been granted, we will not post online a photo or a video with any full names or other identifying information (e.g., phone numbers, emails, addresses) except for church staff, officers and ministry leaders. This includes tagging photos on Facebook.

2. We will only post photos or video for which we have a release on file for the minors featured in the photograph or video.

3. We will only post photographs of minors after an event has occurred. For example, we may post a photo of a past youth event but will not post a child’s photo with the date and time of a future youth event.

4. We will not knowingly post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo.

5. We will gladly remove any photo or video immediately upon request. If you see a photo or video that includes you or your child and would like it removed from our website or Facebook, please contact the church office at (864)882-3016 or


A Note about Etiquette

The Hopewell Baptist Church Photo and Video Policy sets forth guidelines for images commissioned and used by the church. It makes no attempt to regulate the personal use of cameras during our events. However, we ask that everyone be mindful of privacy concerns when taking images—moving or still—and/or posting them to social media websites. We affirm the value of photography and videography and believe lives can be enriched by these technologies, but we encourage our community to be one of caring deference when concerns are raised. In addition to privacy, avoiding undue distraction is important, especially during worship. When appropriate, please be discreet when using cameras in and around the church.

Electronic form available below:

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