Global Hunger Sunday

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Global Hunger Relief (GHR) is an initiative of Southern Baptists that was formerly known as the World Hunger Fund. GHR-funded projects combat hunger in North America and around the world in a wide variety of ways, from participating in disaster relief to addressing chronic hunger, from eliminating urban food deserts to helping women rescued from sex trafficking—and much more.

GHR is one of the most effective channels for donating toward the global hunger crisis. While most humanitarian organizations may keep from 30% to 70% for administrative overhead (buildings, salaries, advertising, etc.), GHR is able to devote resources directly to meeting hunger needs because of the unique partnership it represents:

Cooperation. Southern Baptist hunger efforts have a much lower overhead because Southern Baptist churches cover most administrative costs through their Cooperative Program giving and special offerings.
Collaboration. GHR partners work together to promote the cause of hunger awareness, eliminating the need for massive marketing budgets. More importantly, GHR depends on a grass-roots network of Southern Baptist church members to mobilize support and involvement.

GHR-funded projects meet crisis hunger needs in famine or disaster relief situations, but also catalyze long-term change in conditions of human suffering and extreme poverty that cause chronic hunger. Such projects may involve job training and vocational education, livestock and seeds, farm improvement, clean water, home reconstruction, medical care and hygiene education, etc.

GHR provides business services, including promotion services and administrative coordination of volunteer and paid-provider projects for charitable organizations that work in the field of national and international development, natural disaster relief, humanitarian relief, medical care and support, and evangelical activities.

The goal of GHR hunger projects is communities and lives transformed … for today, tomorrow, and forever. GHR funds are used in Gospel-centered hunger projects that share God’s love in both word and deed. GHR partners work to help people discover the new lives God offers them, learning how to provide for themselves and share new life with others.

Missions-focused GHR projects are integrated into the strategies prioritized by the North American Mission Board and International Mission Board. All GHR projects have an intentional spiritual strategy, work with Southern Baptist personnel, solicit local input and expertise, and have accountability measures built in.


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