The Backpack Program

Hopewell takes the well-being of our children seriously so we support the Education Foundation of Oconee In the Backpack Program to Assist Students who need it read below to learn more about this great program.

The BackPack Program is serving over 500 Oconee County students and their families this year. Through donations from across the county, students received more than a simple backpack full of food. Hope is given to a child who would not find food at home and peace of mind to a caretaker who would otherwise be unable to feed that child.

The program primarily targets students who qualify for their school’s Free Lunch Program. Many of these students rely on their school’s breakfasts and lunches for their most nutritious meals of the day. In some cases, these are their only meals of the day. These students are then faced with a food crisis over the weekend. The PackPack Program is a way to help these students and their families until students return to school on Monday. School administration selects the eligible children. Then a backpack filled with 6-8 pounds of nutritious, child-friendly food is sent home each Friday.

The cost to feed one child a year is $160.00. Donations to the BackPack Program may be sent to: EFOC, Post Office Box 608, West Union, SC 29696. (Please indicate that your donation is for the BackPack Program.) Your donations are 100% tax-deductible to the Education Foundation of Oconee County, a 501©3 non-profit charitable organization with Federal Tax ID # 57-0955900

Thank you for supporting the BackPack Program through the Education Foundation and more importantly for your caring for the students of Oconee County.

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